Meet Dave


Professional Engineer Dave Bruderly is a 42 year resident of North Florida. He came of age in his birthplace (Salem, Ohio -- The Quaker City) and graduated Norwin High School, near Pittsburgh (sorry Jag fans) in 1965. His two children, David Robert and Heidi, have given him five grandchildren. Dave earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering & Transportation from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in 1969 and his commission in the US Navy. He earned his Master of Science in Ocean Engineering from Columbia University, NY in 1971. Dave is passionate about preserving our clean air and conserving the water resources and ecosystems that sustain Florida's high quality of life. He has worked his entire life as an environmental consultant, clean fuel entreprenuer and advocate for more sustainable and renewable energy systems. He self-employed.

"The Lord has blessed Florida's First Coast region with some of the most beautiful natural resources in the nation. Our sandy beaches, pristine rivers, coastal marshes and maritime forests are ours to preserve and our children's to inharit. We need leadership that knows how to protect and fight for our shared heritage." - Dave

Dave began his career as a cadet-midshipman serving on ocean-going break-bulk cargo ships, a converted C-4 container ship and the flagship of the US fleet, the passenger liner SS United States. After winning his USCG licenses as 3rd Mate - Oceans and 3rd Engineer - Unlimited Horsepower, he served on civilian oceanographic research vessels in the Pacific (RV Robert D. Conrad) operated by Columbia University and the support ship for the Johnson SeaLink submarines (Harbor Branch Foundation, Ft. Pierce, Florida). He active duty service was onboard a destroyer, a destroyer escort and ashore at the Naval Undersea Center, San Diego. During the height of the Cold War, his ships took Dave across the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans to many countries in Europe, West Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, the Bahamas and South America.

After returning from his duty at sea, Dave began the 2nd phase of his career with Roy F. Weston, opening their office in Houston, Texas. He joined the RS&H family of companies in 1974,at ES&E in Gainesville, Florida. He implemented projects in 20 American states and Canada, Israel, Egypt, Germany and Japan. Some of his achievements include environmental licensing for coal-fired electric power plants (including Crystal River 4&5), military bases (including the Kings Bay FBM Sub Base), and many manufacturing, petrochemical and mining facilities. Dave also analyzed urban and agricultural non-point source contamination in the St Johns River Basin, evaluated lake and river restoration projects and directed the investigation and clean-up of dozens of contaminated petroleum and chemical sites created by spills, leaks and legal and illegal waste and chemical weapon disposal activities.

In 1990, Dave started Bruderly Engineering Associates, Inc. to pursue opportunities to bring cleaner fuels, renewable energy sources and more efficient energy technologies to widespread commercial and retail use. Most of his client work in this 3rd phase of his career was outside Florida. Dave is a founding member of the ISO/TC 197 Committee - Hydrogen Energy Technologies, the Energy Committee for Governor Chiles Commission for Sustainable South Florida, and in 1999 was appointed to Governor Bush's Clean Fuel Florida Advisory Board. He has worked with manufacturers and developers of hydrogen fuel cell technologies, battery electric vehicles, compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks and fuel stations, liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage, fuel stations and trucks. In the renewable sector projects included biogas, cellulosic ethanol production from sweet sorghum and waste wood, and photovoltaic generation. In addition to his business activities, he served as President of the North Florida Chapter of the Florida Engineering Society, Chair of the Suwanee-St Johns Group, Sierra Club and on the Board of Florida Defenders of the Environment. He has been a long-standing member of the Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and made his first visit to Capitol Hill with the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) Climate Action Team in 1999.

Representing Florida in Congress

When Dave was a young man, he wanted to serve his country and travel the world. He earned a Congressional appointment to the USMMA and his life was changed for ever. He represented the United States in uniform during the Vietnam War, a time of tremendous uncertainty, with an all too real possibility of nuclear war. His experience instilled him with a passion for service and a sense of duty that he carried over to his private career. His travels through active wars zones (Nigeria/Biafra, India/Pakistan, Egypt/Israel, North Korea/South Korea gave him a first hand appreciation of how United States foreign policies impact lives around the world. He has seen the consequences of "dumb" power and understands how "smart power" and informed foreign policy can achieve benefits for ALL the American people.

"When I was young, I wanted to serve my country, travel the world and get a first-class education. The military gave me all three and I'm grateful for it. I wanted to pursue my passion, become a scientist and a small business owner. My government helped me achieve those dreams, and I'm grateful for it. But now, I see all those opportunities disappearing. I want to fight to preserve them for the generations of young men and women following the baby boomers ." -Dave

Dave is running for Congress because the people of Northeast Florida deserve better. Our middle class is suffering from decades of shortsighted policies written by and benefiting multi-national corporations and their well-paid armies of lobbyists. Our veterans are suffering from bureaucracy, delays, neglect and all to often denial of basic care and decency. Our best and the brightest are paying the ultimate price because shortsighted politicians couldn't be bothered to think through the consequences of their own actions. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security financing is inadequate because of short-sighted anti-tax thinking combined with resistance from Wall Street, insurance and drug company lobbyists. Our young people are saddled with crushing debt directly impacting innovation in the market place. Common-sense gun reforms that could strengthen 2nd Amendment rights are blocked by the NRA fear-mongering; gridlock that will inevitably lead to knee-jerk solutions that would ultimately diminish our personal freedoms. We can do better. We deserve better. People First!