Why Am I Running to Represent You in District 4?

I literally ran to the Florida Elections Office to file and qualify on Friday June 24 -- five minutes before the noon deadline. I live in the newly Gerrymandered 4th Congressional District. I made my last minute decision to run because, under Florida law, the frivolous entry of a Write-In Candidate into this race closed the Republican Primary on August 30. In other words, as a Democrat I would not have been able to vote for my Representative in the US Congress --- unless I changed my voter registration to Republican.

I refuse to submit to political tyranny created by Gerrymanders and the same voter suppression tactics that will prevent Democrats from voting for State Attorney and Public Defender. In the United States of America “We the People” – through our votes -- are supposed to select our politicians. Our politicians are not supposed to select their voters. Yet that is precisely what has been happening throughout Florida under 20+ years of Republican dominance in Northeast Florida.

And Republican dominance (tyranny?) in Florida has disrupted governance in the United States Congress.

After I qualified, conservative blogger A.G. Gankarski labeled me as “something of a perennial candidate” for having run and lost US House races in “safe Republican districts before.” The reason I decided to run again in this “safe Republican district” is that Republican control of the US House has failed to solve obvious problems that continue to confound and confuse the American people. Congress must do its duty.

The problem in Washington is that Republicans have controlled the US House of Representatives for 18 of the past 22 years. During this period the Republican leadership has failed to enact substantive legislative or budgetary solutions to the major policy challenges that have been obvious to the American people for many years --- illegal immigration, denial of equal rights; failing infrastructure; outsourcing of good, middle class jobs; unaffordable health care; board room greed, stupidity, sloth or corruption; income inequality; federal budget deficits; rapacious ecosystem destruction and resource depletion; and, my favorite, near total global dependency on Middle East oil and the devastating consequences of associated geopolitical and environmental chaos.

You will find links to my policy and legislative solutions that I advocated ten years ago; they are archived in the Library of Congress. I welcome the label perennial candidate because most of my findings and solutions are as relevant today as they were in 2006 and deserve robust debate in the court of public opinion. Here's an interview from Quality News Network with me about my 2006 run. Check me out and tell me what you think.

I know that we can do better as a Nation; that I can do better as your US Congressman. With your support I will fight to enact legislation that will solve these challenges in ways that work for ALL Americans not just the political ambitions of a handful of professional politicians and power brokers.